There is nothing more beautiful and nothing more painful than life. The amazing things can literally take your breath away with their beauty and how incredible they are. The bad things can feel as though your heart is being squished between your fingers. We might not feel like we can handle the bad things that happen. But we can. This doesn't mean it won't be painful, but we can and will make it. However, it is ALWAYS nice to have some help from the people around you.

One of our members has had a horrific incident in his life. Austin Buist and his family were in a terrible accident. Unfortunately, Austin's wife didn't make it and now he is left to care for their 6-month-old baby by himself. Austin is part of the INFERNO community and we will help him in his moment of need. There is a GOFundME below to help raise money for him and his family. Please do what you can to help. Austin, we are here for you in any way we can help. Thoughts and prayers to you and baby Maverick.