We are so used to EVERYTHING around us being push-button convenience. You have instant access to ALL information. You have the ability to get anything you need at any time of the day while laying in your bed under the covers. You literally don't have to DO anything to make things happen. And when you when they happen, it's instantaneous. This is why people stray from the PLANS so quickly. Whether its a diet, or a strength cycle, or wanting to be able to compete or just to feel better, if it doesn't happen right away then they are looking for something else, or worse yet, the next "shiny" thing they saw on Instagram. But all of these plans have a process. Part of that process is working through things. It's breaking down bad habits you have done for the last 20 years. It's changing your eating routine of the past 20 years for more than 3 weeks. It may seem at times like you are doing less than what you were doing before or that what you are doing now isn't making you any better at all. But there is a process to it and these processes take time and they take work. Most of the time, the process will require you to MASTER the first step before you can even start the next step. And the time frame to MASTER that step is "however long it takes". Many will turn around and leave once they get frustrated here. Other processes will make you take 2 steps backward to go one step forward. But again if you aren't fixing the starting steps then you won't have the foundation for the future steps. There will be bumps in the road. There will be days of complete frustration. But the thing you NEED to keep telling yourself is this: TRUST THE PROCESS. Let your body go through the ups and downs. Don't rush or skip the time it takes you to get from step to step. Don't quit or change your process just because you are getting frustrated or you feel it isn't working fast enough. It WILL work but you have to give it time. Look at the big picture and think about what you are trying to achieve and WHY you are doing it then put your head down and stick to the PROCESS. Know it will work, believe it will work. It will work:)