The magic of CrossFit done correctly is INTENSITY. Not Volume.  The current trendy thing is to do sooooo much.  It's metcons on top of metcons on top of metcons.  Sure these are very tough and it OBVIOUSLY makes you sound like a badass when you post all the stuff you do and how hard it is.  But just how hard are you actually working?  If you are a competitive CrossFitter, then you know that for the Open (first qualifying stage for the Games) there are 5 workouts but they are set up in 1 workout a week.  Sure you may do these more than once but the object is to maximize your one attempt right then.  Or at least get a better score next attempt by being able to go fast, do more work, or increase your intensity.  The Regionals (second qualifying stage) is 3 days long with a general set up of 2 workouts a day.  And the Games (the finals), well there you can go from 1 long event in a day to 3-4 scored events in a day across a 4-5 day event.   If you look at this then yes there is a reason to do multiple workouts in a day.  You need to prepare yourself for this as you make your way through the stages.  But let's say you are hitting it hard every day, even giving yourself a rest day every week, and you are doing 3-4 EMOMs AMRAPs and For Times.  Yes, you are breathing hard.  Yes, your muscles are burning.  Yes, you will feel it the next day.  But just how high of an INTENSITY are you working?  Breathing hard is not an indicator of intensity.  Sweat isn't.  Distance on the road isn't.  Intensity is how much work is being done in what amount of time.  Shorten the time, you increase intensity (this means you go faster).  Increase the weight, this could increase the intensity (lifting more weight).  Increase the distance the weight is moved, this could increase the intensity (this means you go further).  The question then becomes for each workout are you pushing to 100%, there's no way you could do more, intensity?  We call this competition intensity.  When it's a true contest and there is shit on the line for it, intensity usually jacks up.  It's said that we are what we do.  Well if we train hard and are tired during our workouts and we only really push to about 80%, which is still really high, then you become accustomed to going to that intensity.  Then when you get into a competition and need to go faster and harder, it feels impossible.  AND you are wrecked sore the next day as if you hadn't been training at all.  To maximize your workout, you need to be able to maximize the intensity when you do the workout.  This means you need to be rested. You need to be fueled.  You need to be mentally ready to hit it.  You need to be physically ready to hit it.  Then when you get your workout, you GO FOR IT!  This brings you to making "100%" your normal, not the competition exception.  Then as you get to parts of the season where you need more events in one day to do 100%, then you can do the added workouts to simulate and get your body ready for that (again this is high-level competitions. Not really meaning local competitions).  To be smart you should be spending more time on skill work, weakness, auxiliary movements, strength, and building capacity.  But if you just make your metcons like getting out of bed in the morning, then there isn't the intensity you need to get the benefits you are hunting for.  Maximize your workout by being smart.  More is not better.  Better is ALWAYS better!! :)




Complete the Following:

27 min Clock:

.......Min 1) 10 reps Dead Lifts (255/175, 55%1RM, wt to get 22-26UB)

.......Min 2) 15 reps Strict Ring Dips

.......Min 3) 20 reps Wall Balls (30/20#@10')



MWOD:   lacrosse ball to the triceps and TFL (band of muscle at the hip socket), banded PNF hammies stretch,