Looking through life with "rose-colored glasses" sounds like some sort of "hippie-dippie" new-age stuff.  But if you can get past that part of it, then there really is some practical application to it.  The fact is that life is not easy.  Take any aspect of your life.  It could be work, it could be family, it could be relationships, it could be money, it could be health, etc.  There are SO many things that can go wrong.  I'm by no means trying to be all doom and gloom.  But the reality is going to be what you do with all that.  Now the "rose-colored glasses" things doesn't mean that you just put a "well it could always be worse" at the end of the bad situation.  Yes, that may be true but that doesn't really do anything.  I wouldn't even say it means that you are always trying to find a "silver lining" in situations.  The way I see it is that you make sure you are looking AT and looking FOR those good things in your life.  They are there.  Be grateful for those good things.  Think about those good things.  This allows for a general feeling of happiness.  It doesn't take away problems but when you are in a better frame of mind, better things usually happen and better actions can be taken. Put your energies and emotions to those good things.  Try to be emotionLESS when having to deal with the other "not-good" things.:)



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