There will be times in your life, where things get weird. Really weird.  Really scary.  Won't seem to make any sense.  The first, and easiest reaction is to throw your hands up and think about every "why me" you can possibly come up with.  All the thoughts about how bad it sucks, how embarrassed you feel, what it might look like to others, and all the other bad things about the situation come flooding into your head and you can very easily get lost in a whirlwind of crap.  Now I will admit that advice for this kind of stuff is much more "easier said than done".  And with that, the advice I'll give is that you need to, as fast as possibly can, cut your emotions from the picture and get a hold of your brain.  You need to stick to the absolute facts.  Keep your head and your thoughts on ideas of what you can do rather than "what might happen".  The difference between the two thought processes is that one is offensive and the other is defensive.  The offensive is the non-emotional thoughts of what your options might be.  Exploring options.  Driving forward toward a solution.  The other, thinking about how bad it is and all of the shitty things associated with it, is defensive.  The offensive choice keeps you moving and when you are moving there is a sense of progress.  When there is progress, you feel better and this allows you to think and act more clearly.  The defensive forces you to stop where you are, stick your head in the sand, and sit there while the situation takes control of you.  This leads to very negative thoughts, failure, and lack of future.  You don't want this.  This will NOT do anything for you at all.  Regardless of which tactic you choose, the situation is still the same.  But it comes down to how you respond to the situation.  This will be one of the most determining factors in the outcome.  And I would MUCH rather go down fighting instead of covering my head and letting the situation win by default.  Fight, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!  You can do it!:)




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