If someone you cared deeply about came to you with a problem.  They were struggling with something in their life.  Or they are having a hard time staying positive in the things they are doing.  Or they seem to lack the drive when it comes to something they want. Or they desperately want to change or fix something in their life but aren't sure how to do it, what would you tell them?  You would probably do your absolute best to give them an unbiased, very logical, reason they should do "this".....whatever "this" might be.  Maybe you'd even toss in the comment, "if I was you, I'd do this."  Advice is VERY easy to give.  Sometimes it difficult to take.  And it's even more difficult at times for us to follow our own advice.  "Do as I say not as I do."  How messed up is that??  I mean if you think its important that others do what you say, then why wouldn't you do that also??  It's the fear of consequences.  This is the difference between giving advice to someone and taking your own advise.  Maybe the advise you are giving will be a painful or difficult task.  You don't have to deal with the pain or struggle so it's easy to say what THEY should do.  Put that on you now.  Would you change the advice if it's directly attached to you?  Many of the points I give to others will be based on things I've had happen in my life, or things that others have told me and worked.  I'm not saying its perfect, but I'm saying that it would be something I would honestly do.  Everyone has their issues.  No one is devoid of problems or struggles.  But something that I do to keep me in the game (hopefully longer than I would be in under normal circumstances) is to stand back and act as if someone is coming to me with the EXACT same issues I am having.  All the variables are the same.  I'd stand back, outside myself, then give them my advice.  I'd listen to my words.  I'd try to understand how it would make someone feel.  It would give me a true understanding of what the information is and then I try to follow my own advice.  It's not that "do as I say not as do" isn't valid at times but you have great info to give right?  So if it's so good then we need to heed our own words.  This should always be your first line of protection in any situation. You run into some difficulty in anything, tell "yourself" what you think "they" should do.  Follow that through and see what happens.  Don't play dumb or act like you don't have any good words to give.  You would give them to another in a heartbeat.  Now it's your turn to take them!  :)




Complete the Following:

Overhead Squats

2 Rounds: (14 min limit)

.......5 reps @60%1RM

.......3 reps @70%1RM

.......3 reps @80%1RM

.......2 reps @90%1RM

*if you were able to hit your%'s last time we did this, then add 5-10 lbs to your 1RM and take %'s based on that.






5 Rounds for Time:  (12 min limit)

.......4 reps Complex (185, 125, 60%1RM Jerk, wt to get 16-20jerks UB)

*1 rep = 2 Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk

.......8 reps Bar Facing Burpees

.......12 reps Toes to Bar

.......36 reps Double Unders (2:1 singles)