I’ve talked before about the problem with multi-tasking. Well here’s a perfect example: all in one day I’m watching my daughter, selling seminars tickets, finding leads for more seminars, programming, working on an appeal letter to my lender for a foul-up (nothing I did) that needed to me mailed out today, coaching, getting the Master Qualifier workouts, cleaning up, eat, then doing the programming for the next day. BUT in my rush to be as efficient as possible, I was scattered and left my computer at the gym. I’m left to do the programming on my phone. Sheeeeesh I need glasses now!! Anyways, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Be smooth instead of frantic. This applies to everything!  :)



Complete the Following: 

INFERNO Warm up X 2

28 min EMOM: 

.......Min 1)  14 reps Push Press (135/95, 55%1RM, wt to get 20-24 UB)

.......Min 2)  100m Sprint

.......Min 3)  14 reps Ring Dips

.......Min 4)  10 reps Burpees Over the Bar

MWOD:  lacrosse ball to tricep, band to pull shoulder back, 8 skin the cats