I saw a video of a young kid doing a hang power clean at 190#.  The fact that the kid is 14 is amazing.  The fact that the kid has lost almost 30 pounds since he started training is amazing.  The fact that the kid has gained a bunch of self-confidence after doing this lift is amazing.  This wasn't one of our kids.  the movement of this young man was horrendous.  If you were to photoshop the wight out of the shot, anyone would have verbally said that the kid didn't know what he was doing at all.  I honestly thought he was going to fold himself backward trying to get under the bar because he didn't have the core strength or the squat strength to get under the bar correctly.  Sure he made it work but was it really worth it?  But before I go further, ill say this was the coaches fault.  Not the kid.  the Athlete will do what the coach says or what the coach allows.  If shitty movement is allowed and celebrated then it will run rampant.  Just as with any athlete, there is a difference between competition and training.  In competition, sometimes a win is a win.  It's not always about what it looks like but did you get from point A to point B and cross the finish line first.  In the practice room, if you throw caution to the wind, then you are increasing your chances of injury.....drastically.  And really not improving your strength, skill, or ability much in the short run and not at all in the long run.  If you even make it to a "long-run" due to injury.  We preach Learn the Movement (Mechanics), then as you show Consistency (Mastery) of the movement, then you can add Intensity (weight/speed/reps).  I'm all for celebrating the successes but to celebrate shitty movement only makes athletes do anything for a PR.  They need to understand, and the coach that coaches them needs to also understand, that PRs come from better movement.  Not just slapping more weight on the bar.  That is the old "high school football" mentality.  I'm sure this kid felt tough afterwar because none of the other kids could do that much weight.  Heavy lifting IS a confidence builder.  But all that really happened here was weight was put above form.  Score above Mechanics.  A disservice was done to this young man.  False hope. False praise.  False understanding of where they really are and what they really can do.  This will not happen at the INFERNOS.  We live the CrossFit mantra of Mechanics, Consistency and Intensity....in that order.  :)




Complete the Following:

Technique Thursday

.......take 15 minutes to work on Snatch Balance and then the pull from the top of the 1st pull to just before position 3(pulling self under the bar).  Do 45 PERFECT reps of the pull and extend.  Perfect practice makes PERFECT!

.......2x 3 reps 1/4 sqt depth

.......2 x 3 reps 1/2 sqt depth

.......2 x 3 reps full depth

.......2 x 2 reps

.......2 x 1 reps

*first 4 sets are warm up.  Last 6 sets try to increase each set if mobility and positioning will allow

.......45 reps of Mid Pull position






For Time: (15 min cap)

.......400m Run

.......20 reps Back Squats (225/155, 75%1RM C&J, 3-7repsCJ UB)

.......400m Run

.......15 reps Front Squats (same weight)

.......400m Run

.......10 reps OHS (same weight)

*bar is taken from the floor