Athletics is a selfish thing.  So many have come to the gym for the first time because they want to lose weight, or they want to look better, or they want to feel better.  Maybe its to get the attention of the opposite sex but in all of these circumstances, they are doing it for them.  We often hear that the one hour people come to the gym is the best hour of their day.  All of this is for the person.  As you get better and better and maybe even start competing, you start to really enjoy the attention, the accolades, the way you feel about yourself.  You goals start to grow and you start to really strive for some big dreams.  Depending on where you are in your life, This may be the ONE THING you have for you to push towards.  As we get older there are less and less of these types of goals.  Families come into play, jobs, careers, money, time, etc.  Your life is not all about you anymore.  I started my CrossFit competitive career late.  I was 40.  I never got to say "i was getting older".  I was already there.  But my dream was to compete in the CrossFit Games as an Individual Open Competitor.  I was close many times.  My best year I missed it by 2 spots, even though the Regional Cross Comparison had me within the top 45.  When the Master's Divisions started to grow and I wasn't accepting the invites to the Qualifiers, many people thought I was trying to make a statement against the Masters.  They accused me of thinking I was better than the others in the Masters Divisions.  Not the case at all.  I had a dream, and the Masters wasn't the dream.  So many told me I should do it because it would be good for the sport.  But in my life, I do for everyone else.  I'm a Dad, I do for others, I'm a gym owner, I do for others.  I'm a firefighter, I do for others. I'm a coach, I do for others.  In all areas of my life, I did for others.  But in this one area, my personal goal, I wanted the big show.  Not the Masters Show.  As an older athlete, I love that the Masters Division is there and offers an opportunity for athletes to keep competing in a relatively comparable situation, but it just wasn't what I wanted to do.  I turned down the offer to go a few times before I actually ended up going.  The only thing that brought me in was for another selfish, personal reason:  My Brother.  He qualified and Iwanted to be there with him so I accepted in 2015.  Recently, CrossFit Games Veteran Josh Bridges declined his Masters invite since he is going to the Open Regionals.  In an Instagram post, he put #NEVERMASTERS.  This bothered some people.  Saying it was degrading to Masters.  I don't see that personally.  Maybe its because I know exactly how he feels.  Maybe its because I don't take it as an attack on me or my age.  What I see is an athlete that isn't allowing a "safety net" for himself.  He is "all-in" in his quest to get back to the Games and podium.  He is concentrating his time and his energy to the big show.  And by vocalizing out loud about not wanting to go Masters, he is mentally visualizing himself as just one of the guys in the West Region.  Not an older athlete trying to hang with the young guys.  He is an old athlete and an old athlete always has the competitive spirit at the highest level.  Maybe the hashtag does rub some people the wrong way but I'd say to cut him some slack because he is the one that has to live and deal with his decisions of where he decides to compete and why.  We may see him in the Masters someday.  We may not.  I said I'd never go and I ended up going when the situation was right.....for me.  So to everyone out there, its ok to have a selfish goal.  Don't let anyone stop you or remotely slow you or bog you down.  Own that dream with everything you have.  This is your one time that its all about YOU!  :)




Complete the Following:

Bench Press Three's

10 min EMOM:

.......Min  1) 3 reps @55%1RM

.......Min 2) 3 reps @65%1RM

.......Min 3) 3 reps @75%1RM

.......Min 4-10) 3 reps @85%1RM






6 Rounds for Time: (12 min cap)

.......10 reps Devil Press (50/35s, wt to get 12-16UB)

.......15 reps Toes to Bar



MWOD:   Foam roll low back and lats, banded shoulder back (internal rotation, hand on lower back)