You know what you want. You want to lose weight, or you want to get a good workout, or you want to be able to compete, or you want to look better, or you want to make more money, or you want this job, or you want to open this business.  If you look at all of the above things there is a common thread: a YOU and a WANT.  Nowhere in any of them did I include "as long as someone isn't there", "as long as no one watches what I do", "as long as my parents think it's a good idea", or "as long as people keep telling me I look good", etc.  If we would have included the second part then it turns from a YOU thing to a THEM thing.  You give "them" all the power over you.  They determine whether you are having fun or not, whether you are successful or not, whether it's going to work or not.  Look, if there is someone in your "space" that you don't like for whatever reason, then instead of trying the whole time not to look at them, just don't even think about it.  If there is someone telling you the idea won't work, either choose to acknowledge the information and figure out if its true or not or ignore it and move forward.  Not because you are trying to prove them wrong but because YOU want to do it.  There is only a limited amount of energy you have for the day and if you are wasting all of it dealing/worrying/concerning yourself with these other people and their comments, then you are wasting the NEEDED energy you will need to make things happen or just to enjoy yourself!  Don't let others determine YOUR world, YOUR thoughts, YOUR enjoyment, YOUR dreams or desires.  Block all that shit out and do your thing!! :)




Complete the Following:

Dead Lifts  (14 min)

*work to a heavy 1RM for the day

Deficit Deads

.......5, 5, 3, 3 reps

Reg Deads

.......2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1






For Time (12 min cap)

1 - 10 reps Snatch (135/95, 50%, wt to get 10-15UB)

*1 Rd of Nate in between each set

.......2 reps MUs (2 C2B Pull-ups)

.......4 reps HSPU

.......8 reps KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20+UB)



MWOD:   PNF Hamstring work, foam roll low back and lats, banded shoulder external rotation