Experience.  If you have it you are way ahead of whoever you are competing with or the rest of the field.  Having experience means you have seen the situation, or something similar, before and the initial fear of "what the FUCK is going to happen" isn't there.  Or at least, it's much less dramatic.  We have to remember though that "experience" is not a script.  Life doesn't play things exactly as they were before.  Yes, there may be some striking similarities but if we plan on doing the exact same thing every time only because it worked last time, well I can promise you will be in for a rude awakening!!  But still, an experience can bring us some great knowledge for us to use.  Being older, I have gained a ton of experience in different areas.  Many of those came with some pretty hefty bumps and bruises.  In the past, I may have said that some were good experiences and others were bad.  But honestly, there's no such thing.  There are just experiences and these are ways for us to gain information and data so that we have more tools to use to become better, at everything we do.  Hopefully, they can give us ideas of pitfalls and things to try to avoid or ideas of where we might find some success.  As we get older, and we get more experience, we should become wiser right?  It's imperative to use the experience we have to improve our path.  If we don't then we waste the entire experience.  That's a waste of time and energy.  Don't take them for granted.  They are there for you to be the best you.  Are you using your experience wisely?:)




Complete the Following:

OHS (12 min-ish)

.......10 reps (165/115, 55%1RM, wt to get 21-25UB)

1 min REST

.......15 reps (same wt)

2 min REST

.......20 reps (same wt)

3 min REST

.......25 reps (same wt)






For Time:  (13 min cap)

Buy In: 30 reps Russian KB Swing (88/73, wt to get 20+UB)

3 Rounds:

.......16 reps HSPU

.......8 reps Alt Back Rack Lunges (185/125, 45%1RM Back Squat)

.......2 reps Legless Rope Climbs (Sub: reg RCs, or 5 strict pull-ups per RC)

Cash Out: 30 reps Russian KB Swing



MWOD:   foam roll lats and low back, kb external rotation, banded shoulder external rotation