What stops you from doing something?  Is it the lack of knowledge of how to do it?  OR are you afraid of not doing it well?  HOnestly oth of these things are very big and very powerful in our minds.  But thats exactly where it is:  in our minds.  Now if its a knowledge thing, sure there are certain steps you need to be able to do so that things do get messed up.  Hopefully, this is something you have been able to practice and learn before being put on the spot.  But what about those things that happen where you have no experience?  How are you going to be able to know what to do?  You won't know the exact steps and procedures so you need not to worry about that.  You are a smart human and you need to use your skills as a human to come up with the best plan and execute it.  This even goes for simple things that happen every day all the way up to life and death situations.  I mean how many times have you been face to face with a life and death situation?  Most haven't.  So most don't have any experience t draw from but they still have to make something happen.  In these situations, it's about coming up with your plan and committing to it.  Don't waste time thinking about the "what ifs".  just get going and make shit happen.  But the other big thing to make you stop is the fear of failure, of not looking good, or embarrassing yourself.  We all want to be the champion but since there is only one champion, there should be no fear of anything below first place.  What I mean is that you don't need to worry about what you look like to others if you don't win.  You don't need to concern yourself with outside expectations.  All of these thoughts have NOTHING to do with the actual task at hand.  If you go into a competition, then your ONLY concern is to give everything you can when they call "GO!"  Since you cant control ANYTHING other than that, save all that excess energy for the task and crush it.  Immerse yourself in the task.  It's like the idea of thinking in the now and not concerning yourself with the past or the future.  Put your full attention and focus on the task at hand.  Become one with the task. Don't let your thoughts go ANYWHERE else other than right where you are.  With this, you will be able to perform to your top ability and if you do that then no matter what the outcome, you will NEVER have a reason to hang your head!! :)




Complete the Following:

Seated Strict Press Three's

10 min EMOM:

.......Min 1) 3 reps @ 55%1RM

........Min 2) 3 reps @ 65%1RM

.......Min 3) 3 reps @ 75%1RM

.......Min 4-10) 3 reps @85%1RM






16 min E4MO4M (4 Rds total)

.......30 reps Wall Balls (20/15#@10')

.......20 reps  Power Snatch (75/55, wt to get 24-28UB)

.......10 reps Bar MUs

*REST remaining of the 4 minutes.  Score your rd times. If you won't make the round then put your number of reps in 3:45



MWOD:   foam roll low back, mid-thoracic, and lats, banded good mornings