You are in the middle of your workout.  Your heart feels like its going to blow through your schest.  Your head is spinning.  Your muscles are screaming for a break.  Yet, you are still knocking reps out.  You drop the bar.  Now what happens?  How long will it be until you pick it up again?  How do you decide when to pick it up?  Its easy to get lost in that moment  thining about how bad you feel, how tired you are, how you wish the time would hurry up and end so tht it can be over, etc.  Its in these times that we get the opportunity to test ourselves.  To challenge ourselves to become something more than we are.  To prepare ourselves for when we REALLY need to be able to fight through pain and discomfort.  Every single time we get these chances, we get to either build ourselves up or be more "used" to stopping.  When i worked in the fire department, i would VERY REGULARLY come in contact with personnel that owuld tell me that they would be able to be a hero and go HAM during an incident to make rescues, to do work, to save me or other crew members, etc.  But they wouldnt EVER train for that.  Ill say this: EVEYRONE is a hero for the first 30 seconds to a minute.  Its after that point that the adrenialine wears off and now you need the training you have built.  If you dont have a level equal to the demand you are giving it, then it WON'T WORK.  If you are used to stopping in the gym, then you WILL have not only the situation to deal with but also the default reaction which is to quit.  We are what we do regularly.  You need to make this something awesome.  And you need to test it EVERY DAY and in as many situations as you can.  Sure it takes mental toughness but it also needs to be your default.  This takes time to build.  Start that now, in every opportunity you can!!  :)




Complete the Following:

Technique Thursday on a 10 min continuous squat.  You will work on good mobility for your legs to prep this including using a lacrosse ball on your front shin, right above your knee cap and on medial and lateral masses and the TFL, as well as banded hip extensions.  Try to relax and settle into a squat.  If that is easy then make it a continuous active squat.  Then move your feet as close as possible while staying active.






20 min AMRAP:

Extended Speal vs Kalipa

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,etc reps

........Clean and Jerk (155/105, 50%1RM, wt to get 13-18UB)

1 Round Cindy

.......5 reps Pull-ups

.......10 reps Push-ups

.......15 reps Air Squats



MWOD:   mobs are listed above