I am a self-confessed work out snob.  I have been on this spinning rock for quite a while and have seen so many different workout programs.  I have tried so many of them out.  I'll admit there are some good ones out there but what I see that they miss is the goal they are trying to achieve.  If you are going to say you are "healthier", then you need to be able to define that word without it being a vague concept.  If you say that you have back pains and then your nutrition program has made your back stop hurting and now it's stronger, you should be able to explain that.  If you say you are more "fit", then you need to be able to describe what "fit" is.  Coach Greg Glassman has been the first person to give a real working definition of fitness.  So when someone tells me that there are different kinds of fitness, we will have an argument.  If you want to be an Olympic lifter and you are lifting and getting stronger and you want to explore other TYPES of fitness, you are not using the correct words.  There aren't different TYPES of fitness.  There are different TYPES of activities.  If you are training and working out for Olympic Lifting then you aren't trying to become fit.  You are trying to be a better Olympic lifter.  Period.  This isn't a bad thing at all.  But to say you are becoming more fit is incorrect because you aren't increasing your work capacity across broad times and modal domains.  If you do yoga and you tell me now that you are in better shape than before, then I would ask you what you were doing before.  Yoga is great and has some benefits absolutely with flexibility and relaxation with the breathing techniques, but I don't believe that it will help you to be more fit for your life or your job (as in public safety for example).  If you are an officer and you have to chase down a perpetrator, then the downward dog will not help you to chase him down and has to lift and throw him to the ground. You may really enjoy it and that's great, but acknowledge what it is.  It's an activity that you enjoy that is increasing your flexibility.  But it is not improving your work capacity over broad time and modal domain.  Understand the words you use to describe your goals so you know exactly what your path is.  Dont "trick" yourself into thinking that you are going down on path when you really arent.  Know your path so you can crush your trip!!:)




Complete the Following:

All Presses (14 min cap)

4 Rounds:

.......Max Strict Press

.......Max Push Press

.......Max Push Jerk

*1 Round has you do strict press until failure, then right into push press until failure and finally push jerks until failure.  Try to increase weight each round but you must have a weight where you are maxed out between 2-5 strict press otherwise you will be doing WAY too many of the PP and PJs.  Remember each movement is about 30% more efficient than the last. Rest as needed between sets.






17 min Clock

5 min AMRAP:

.......10 reps Thrusters (115/80, 45%1RM, wt to get 18-22 UB)

.......5 reps Bar MUs (1:1 BMU Scale, 2:1 C2B PUs)

3 min REST

4 min AMRAP:

.......6 reps Thrusters (155/105, 60%1RM, 10-14UB)

.......4 reps Bar MUs

2 min REST

3 min AMRAP:

.......2 reps Thrusters (185/125, 75%1RM, 4-8UB)

.......3 reps Bar MU



MWOD:   foam roll lats, banded happy baby, and kb external shoulder rotation