Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast.  This statement means one thing: if you are frantic about trying to make things happen then you will become erratic and lose efficiency.  With this particular event, you are NOT going to gain ANYTHING by getting pissed.  In fact, the more pissed or frustrated you get, the more you will mess up and it will become a NASTY downward spiral into "putting-fist-through-wall" territory.  Slow down.  Take a deep breath.  And if it gets really bad, either start over or give yourself a second, clear your head, and hit the reset button.  Then get back to work.  I feel this entire event is a test in working in a relaxed state of mind.  Even if you arent good at Double Unders, are you going to be able to keep your cool enough to do singles all the wat through if needed?  Can you focus enough to do what you need to do to make things happen?  Remember this is not about getting your "fitness work" for the day.  Its about doing everything in your power to make the reps go by whether you have done them before or not.  Don't fill your head with doubt about whether you think you suck or not.  just see yourself doing the movements or doing "this or that" to make it happen.  Have some fun today!  Good Luck! :)




Complete the Following:


2 Rounds (14 min time cap)

.......100 reps Double Unders (Scaled: Singles)

.......20 reps OHS (Rx:115/80, Masters&14-15:75/55, Scaled:45/35)

.......100 reps Double Unders

.......12 reps Ring Muscle Ups (Masters&Scaled: Pull-up, Scaled Masters: Jumping Pull-up)

.......100 reps Double Unders

.......20 reps DB Snatch (50/35, Scaled Masters Teens: 35/20, Scaled Masters 20/10)

.......100 reps Double Unders

.......12 reps Bar Muscle Ups (Same as Ring MU Scales)



MWOD:   Floss Band and Mash your Calves, Band your Shoulders