So many of us "like" to do this training thing we do.  We come in each and everyday and do these crazy workouts, we work on weaknesses.  We spend time trying to learn these new skills.  We push ourselves.  We put time in. Lots of time in.  We have some really great days where we get all these PRs and then we have these days that just......well....SUCK.  We feel weak.  We feel slow.  We feel off balance.  We feel everyone is better.  We feel there is no way to keep up with the Jones's.  WTF!  Do we suck now?  Nah not at all.  We have natural ebb and flows in everything we do.  There will be days we just wake up on fire and other days that it wouldn't matter if everything was lined out for us, it would just be a tough day.  You have to allow these days to happen and not lose your head.  Yes its much easier to do this when you are months out of a big event.  But even when we get close OR its one of the events that goes bad, you need to be able to not let that bleed into EVERY OTHER THING you have going on.  You cant let it crush your confidence.  If you let it affect you then you waste EVERYTHING you have worked for.  So when these days happen, do the best you can.  Realize its just on of those bad days and it will be better tomorrow.  Don't think about it after that.  Don't hope that tomorrow is better.  Just let your ebb flow back the other way and come back awesome!  :)




Complete the Following:

Snatch Complex

8 rounds each on :90 (12 min clock)

.......8 x 1 complex

*Hang Snatch + Full Squat Snatch + OHS

*increase wt each rd.  Start at 50%1RM Sqt Snatch






10 Rds (10 min limit)

.......9 reps DB Thrusters (50/35s, wt to get 18-22UB)

.......35 reps Double Unders (2:1 Singles)



MWOD:   internal shoulder mash and IT Band mash with BB