A great man (President Theodore Roosevelt) once said that "Comparison is the thief of joy".  This is a comforting comment.  We live in a world where people have there "goodies" all up in our faces.  Its blasted on social media, its exploded on Facebook, or posted hourly on Instagram.  People show their money, their fame, the big lifts, their cars, their perfectly designed foods, their bodies, their scores, etc and what is usually the first thing you think when you see it???"...........aw shit I don't have that" or "mine's not that good."  Right?  There are a lot of really great things out there that people have but if you compare what you have to others then you will ALWAYS find someone who has more or is better than you.  So why would you do that?  Don't you like what you have?  Sure we all want more and may be striving for more but you have to realize that what you have right now is EXACTLY what you are supposed to have.  You have the money you have because you have put your life into a position to only have this money.  Your workout performance is what it is because of the particular number of priority you have put it.  It may be 1st, or 5th, or 28th and if you put it there then your fitness shows that.  The job you have right now is EXACTLY what it's supposed to be since you have put yourself in the position to have this job.  Now just as there are always going to be those with more than you, there will also be those with less than you.  That can't do what you can do.  So there is just as much of a position to be thankful for what you do have.  This is important.  And even though it is important, it doesn't mean you have to settle for that and stay stagnant.  See all the things that are out there and if there is something you'd like to have then put forth the work to do it, all the while knowing that where you are an what you have is still awesome.  When you see what others have, be happy for them and let them inspire you and give you ideas to shot for.  If something works for someone, give it a test and see if it works for you.  If you can see the world as a catalogue of ideas for you rather than a comparison against others, then you still get to keep the joy for the things you have and where you are while being able to happily strive to achieve.  Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy.  Ever! :)




Complete the Following:

Dead Lift (12 min)

.......Find a working 10RM

*warm up well and take 4 attempts, increasing wt if possible






For Time: (14 min limit)

3 Rounds:

.......30 reps Pull-ups

.......20 reps OHS (135/95, 40%1RM, wt to get 25-30UB)

.......10 reps Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24")



MWOD:   foam roll low back and lats, banded hammies, banded external shoulder work