NASIRIYAH.  A location in the Iraq War. Stands as the bloodiest engagement between Us and Iraqi forces.  Jake Worthington was on this convoy into the city.  The enemy was upon them and it was a battle.  Many members of Jake platoon were killed.  But one particular thing that was etched in his mind was when a member of his crew was hit and he made the decision to run and go get him and bring him to safety, while under fire.  He got to his buddy and went to lift him up.  He couldn't.  He didn't have the strength.  He had to have help to get him out of harm's way.  Jake and another buddy pulled the wounded soldier about 100m to cover.  The numbers of the workout represent the guys that were killed, the date of the battle, and the need to clean something heavy and carry a buddy 100m.  Josh Lorenzo, my partner in the INFERNO, was also on this battle front.  He was on the helo/line platoon.  This war had many young men and women seeing some pretty ugly things.  Many came back with issues, addictions, etc.  Jake created this workout to remember his brothers.  Josh saw this workout posted up and he immediately hit me up to tell me about the story.  We are doing this workout for Josh, for Jake, for the other soldiers that made it and those that didn't make it.  To say thank you!  I give MASSIVE props to Jake for making this workout realizing that he was UNABLE to do what was asked of him when he was in the service.  This happens WAY too much in all areas of military and public safety.  We as the public demand that they can do extraordinary things. That they are prepared to be able to handle things like picking someone up and running them to safety.  This entire idea was THE most important thing for me during my time in the fire service.  I saw much too often that there were people that would not be able to get me out if I got in trouble.  It was very tough to deal with.  The badge is great to wear and looks amazing until the really big things happen.  Then it's not about the badge, but about the person wearing the badge.  All that are in these positions NEED to train for the worst day possible. Not just to "do something".  Thank you, Jake, for realizing the issue.  Thank you, Josh, for doing all the crazy workout things I had you do and bitting off on this whole Crossfit thing where you still push yourself and others when you're at work.  Thank you for those that are here to protect us and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for us:)




Complete the Following:


For Time:

Buy In: 1 Mile Run + 59 reps Wall Balls (20/14#@10')

3 Rounds:

.......12 reps Squat Cleans (135/95, 45%1RM, wt to get 14-18UB)

.......18 reps Pull-ups

.......23 reps Box Jumps (24/20)

Cash Out: 1 rep Clean & Jerk (85%1RM) + 100m Buddy Carry



MWOD:  lacrosse ball to bottom of foot, foam roll IT Bands, Quads, Calves and Lats