One of the biggest criticisms of CrossFit is that its all about going heavy, going HAM, and not caring about form.  And that it will just get you hurt.  This isn't the truth at all.  I'm not saying that people do go heavy, they do go HAM and SOME don't care about form.  But this is NOT CrossFit.  One of the core principals of CrossFit and our training at the INFERNOs is VIRTUOSITY.  Virtuosity is defined as  "doing the common uncommonly well."  This means that the foundational movements are perfected before the next more advanced or increased intensity is added.  The coaches will push for it to go this way.  But we need your help here also.  Not to come up with ways to make sure you get those foundation movements. But rather to keep your ego outside so that you are able to master the movements without getting ahead of yourself.  Sure you might be able to do the next step.  You might actually be able to pull something off, but this doesn't mean you have automatically jumped to the next level.  The mantra of LEARN the movement, MASTER the movement, and then ADD INTENSITY to the movement needs to ring in your head all the time.  Believe me that if you think you won't get a good enough workout, well then go faster with the weight or the movement you are doing.  Let's say you don't have movement yet so you are given a modified version that is much easier.  The coach may increase your reps of the modified movement you are doing but then again, just get going and you will get a great workout.  We want you to get a great work out, but we want you to be able to work out for a long time.  Master, Perfect the basics!  :)




Complete the Following:

Dead Lift Three's

10 min EMOM:

.......Min 1)  3 reps @ 55%1RM

.......Min 2) 3 reps @65%1RM

.......Min 3) 3 reps @75%1RM

.......Min 4-10) 3 reps @ 85%1RM






12 min AMRAP:

........10 reps Power Snatch (135/95, 55%1RM)

........10 reps Bar Face Burpee

........2 reps Rope Climb (or 10 Pull-ups)



MWOD:   banded hamstring PNF, banded external shoulder rotation, foam roll lats and low back