You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is pick up your phone and look at the INFERNO workout.  Maybe it Olympic lifting and you are stoked!  Maybe its Pull-ups and you get excited!  Maybe its Dead Lifts and yo immediately get a smile on your face!  But what if it's running?  Do you think about how busy your day will be and you probably won't be able to make it in?  Or if its sprints, do you secretly know how bad it will be so you come up with another thing you "have to do" instead of coming?  Why do you run away when its something you know you don't like?  I get it, its fun to really good at a workout and go in and crush it and the people around you.  But what is the goal of our training?  It's to "increase work capacity across broad time and modal domain."  And then what is your goal?  I'm pretty sure even if there is weight loss and to look better naked, that nowhere would it be to be good at something and totally suck at the others.  Well if you "cherry-pick", then the later is EXACTLY what will happen.  If you hate running, then once again you will not improve at it or remotely change your outlook on it.  If you know sprinting will be painful (not in an injury way but in a "this sucks so bad" way) and you choose to not show up, then all you do is make it that much more difficult to be able to face it the next time.  You aren't improving yourself. You are actually chopping yourself down.  It's not if you crush the ones you are awesome at, but rather that you showed up and fought on the ones you SUCK at.  Don't be afraid, and DON'T cherry pick!!  (and yes I did see that MANY of you did yesterday.  tisk tisk!)  :)




Complete the Following:

Technique Thursday

.......take 15 minutes to Understand Proper SHoulder Positioning in pressing movements.  This will include understanding the reason for proper shoulder position and use in push-ups, burpees, dips, ring pushups, ring dips, hspu, and ring hspu.






For Max Reps in each

7:30 running clock:

3 min AMRAP:

.......Max reps Back Squat (225/155, 55%1RM, wt to get 20-24UB)

3 min REST

1:30 min AMRAP:

.......Max reps Front Squat (same weight)

*if doing partners then make the clock be 10:30.  Partner will use the same weight and will start during the 3 min REST.  Then continue from there with the same pattern.

**Object is to go MAX EFFORT on this!!!!



MWOD:   BB Mash quads and IT Bands, use lacrosse ball above kneecap.