You can sit there all you want.  Plan everything out to a perfect Tee.  Make sure that all your "ducks are in a row".  But if you don't take any action, then NOTHING will happen.  You could have the best plan in the entire world.  A true stroke of genius!  But if it just sits in your head, or on your notepad and never gets put to the ground, then it NEVER happened.  It didn't even ALMOST happen.  The fact is that you HAVE to do the work for IT (whatever IT might be) to happen.  Ok, so you are all fired up and motivated like crazy and decide to take action.  Now what??  Well, you need to have some idea what you are going to do and the direction you will travel.  Use that motivation to get your ideas flowing.  Then go!  You can make adjustments on the fly as you need to.  Keep the main goals of what you are trying to accomplish in the front and then go from there.  There are two schools of thought out there on this.  One is that if your plan isn't perfect then you will lose everything and not make any advancement.  The other is that if you wait too long for the perfect plan then you will never move and the motivation will end.  You need to ride somewhere in the middle.  The excitement of the motivation will let you get laser focused initially.  Don't waste this precious time frame!  Figure out as many of the big steps as you can then get moving.  You want to ride this motivation but at the same time don't let roadblocks or setbacks hinder you.  Use them as a feedback loop to see if you are going in the right direction.  Assume that there will be those!  Then adapt, overcome and keep on driving!  Don't expect everything to fall into your lap.  Prepare yourself to do work.  HARD WORK.  It might be long and tedious but do it!  Keep that motivation and let yourself build momentum as you drive forward!  Honestly, I can't wait to see what you do!!!:)




Complete the Following:

24 min EMOM stratight through:

10 min EMOM:

.......2 Squat Snatches + 6 Strict HSPU (205/145#, 85%1RM, Scale Strict to kip)

*you only have 4 total attempts per minute to get your 2 reps.

14 min EMOM:

.......Odds:  15 reps Wall Ball (30/20#@10')

.......Even: 5 reps Ring Muscle Ups (BarMU 1:1, Pull-up 2:1)



MWOD:   banded external shoulder rotation, downward dog shoulder stretch, foam roll lats and quads