Well, its all over.  Another OPEN season has come and gone.  For those of you that are continuing on to the next stage, CONGRATS!!!!  For those of you who that THIS IS YOUR CrossFit Games, take EVERY PART of it and learn from it.  Use it as a feedback loop to what you to improve next year.  If you crushed the 1RM Clean, but barely got the MUs or were doing singles on the C2B......guess what?  You NEED to spend time on those OTHER moves.  Not the ones you crush.  The general template would be to do Strength in the beginning part of the season, but if you are lacking in gymnastic elements, then you need to work on strength but in gymnastics rather than general weightlifting.  If you are good at the gymnastics stuff (ie you're a smaller lighter person) then its time to REALLY pay attention to the STRENGTH part.  Maybe you just dont seem to have capacity on high rep movements.  Have any idea how to fix this in the regular programmed classes?  Here are a few things to try: 1) ALWAYS count your rest time.  Determine the time you give yourself for the rest and DO NOT rest longer than that.  If the number is 5 seconds, then no matter what you MAKE yourself get back to another rep at 5 seconds.  The more this becomes the normal, then you will have the benefits of greater capacity as tat builds.  2) You can choose to go to failure on the rep sets.  So if you would normally stop at 5 reps so that you can keep gping to get to 20 , then go until you cant get another one.  Msybe that ends up being 16 and you are SMOKED, but this builds your fatgued strength so that in a workout yo will be able to do more reps as you buld this element.  Or 3) If uyo have the Open Gym, you can do EMOMS to increase overall capacity by having high volume over a longer p[eriod of time with built in rest.  These are all great ways to improve.  And the BEST idea would be to rotate these.  You can either do each one like 3 times a week, or you can alternate each workout and you do them.  But either way, figure out what you need to improve and then stay on yor path.!!  Congrats on a great OPEN and on to the next one!!! :)




Complete the Following:

2 Rounds for Time:

.......50 reps HSPU

.......40 reps T2B

.......30 reps Alt Pistols

.......200 reps Double Unders (2:1)

.......1000m Row



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits!!!