FEAR.  Its one of the most driving emotions we have.  But it has a very negative connotation.  Frozen by fear.  Paralyzed by fear.  ETC.  But fear, the actual sensation of fear, isn't something to be afraid of.  It's something that protects us.  Its that very primal "sixth sense" that lets us know that there are some bad possibilities out there and that the steaks could be high.  But its a warning system.  It's not a crystal ball to see into the future. So it doesn't mean that bad things WILL happen.  The trick is to understand what it is that you are fearing.  We need to be able to prioritize them.  There should be a drastic difference between someone pointing a gun in your face and having to give a speech in front of a group since one has to do with life and death and the other is just talking in front of people. BUT yes they can both be scary.  Everyone experiences fear but those who are able to understand it, harness and use it will be so far ahead of the group.  Understanding your fear means to know exactly what the fear is for.  Is it dying?  Is it losing your family?  Is it embarrassment?  Is it what people might say?  Then harnessing it and using it means to contain it.  You need to be able to not let the fear feelings envelop everything you have going on.  Yes, realize what its about but contain it in a box.  This makes what might happen be such a small chance that you can concentrate on the task at hand.  Don't worry if you feel the sensation of FEAR.  Use it to your advantage and then crush what you are doing!! :)




Complete the Following:

10 min EMOM:

.......5 reps Power Snatch (15/105, 65%1RM)






Triple Tabata (12 min)

.......Push Up / Sit Up / KB Swing (70/53 #, wt to get 20+UB)

*8 rounds of :20 max reps PU, :10 rest, :20 max reps SU, :10 rest, :20 max reps KB, :10 rest

**Score total number of each movement!



MWOD:   banded external shoulder rotation, lacrosse ball in front delt and upper chest and tricep just above elbow

10 min emom

5 power snatch 155/105,65%1rm





Triple Tabata

Pish ups

Sit ups

Kb Swing (70/53#) 

*score total reps of each movement