There is usually one thing that will be the biggest stopping factor from what you are wanting to do.  It's you worrying or thinking about what others think.  When we were young we didn't care about what others thought.  When we were young we wore whatever we wanted.  We would run around and sing loudly, play, laugh, and do whatever we wanted without a care about anyone else.  I watch my youngest daughter as she manuevers through her world right now and its just that.  She is absolute bliss when she is doing what she wants to do and never for a moment thinks abvout anyone else while she does it.  And during this time is when we grow the fastest.  This is when we basically learn an entire language, our traditions, love, people who are important to use, etc.  When we take the filter of giving a shit about what others think then we truly do thrive!  Yes, its difficult to block all the things others say, or worrying about what others might think, or if its good enough in someone else's eyes.  But the more you can cut this out of your world, the better and more enjoyable your world will be!:)




Complete the Following:

8 Rounds for time (26 min limit)

.......16/13 Cal Row

.......4 reps Stone to Shoulder or Sand Bag or Clean (145,150,185/115,100,125 wt to get 5-9UB)

.......4 reps Muscle Ups (2:1 Chest to Bar Pullups)



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits