We all know about all the great things that have happened in our lifetimes.  We hear constantly about the feats of man that should never have been done, being done.  We live a life of technology that was only thought of in comic books. We see things things done regularly that at one time were thought to be impossible.  We grow up with the idea that if we try hard that we can be one of these absolute top-of-the-world unbelievable people who does something for the first time.  I'm not saying this isn't true.  But there are also an infinite amount of opportunities that we can do something that WE are never supposed to be able to do.  Maybe you are an injured vet who is told that he will NEVER walk again and somehow can walk.  Or you are the young student who is told by counselors that they will never do well in math, yet somehow they are in college for a math or science degree.  Or you are the older person who is told that you can't/shouldn't/ won't be able to do this or that just because you are over 50, yet you see that others do.  All of these things are just as big and just as  important as the creation of the iphone or the first time the 4 minute mile time was broken.  The reason its just as important is because the landscape of the situation was the same.  All of these impossible things are i possible until people, or someone edges closer and closer to it.  Then this person, not because they are a super hero but rather because they are right there and want to take that incremental jump to the next step, put there head down and put their ALL into it.  The study of it, the training for it, the time for it, the dedication for it, the love for it, the joy for it and then it happens.  Im not saying this means you will get everything you ever wanted to hit but i wil say that if you dont take "impossible" or "no" for an answer then you will get closer than ever thought possible.  The next step is NEVER impossible.  Its just the next step! :)




Complete the Following:

Technique Thursday

.......Take 15 minutes and work on Mobility including, lats, shoulders, low back, inner thigh and calves






15 min EMOM:

.......Min 1) 8 reps Front squats

.......Min 2) 4 reps Clean and Jerk

.......Min 3) 2 reps Snatch (205/145, 85%1RM, wt to get 1-4UB)

*same weight for all lifts.  If your snatch is a low weight then go with that weight and double all the reps for each movement.



MWOD:   you are mobbing today!