I constantly look around on social media and hear and see how people “inspire” others. There are feats of greatness, people doing things for the first time, people losing weight, others making money, other showing their art and others who try to make sure that everyone around them KNOWS how hard they are working. In all cases, there is the question of which of either motivation or inspiration is happening. Well, there is a DRASTIC difference between the two. Motivation comes from the base word “motive” meaning a reason you are doing something. It’s a force from outside of you directing you to do something. For example, if you see a guy driving an expensive car with a sexy woman sitting there with him, you may be thinking “ wow I want that car and that hot woman so I could be cool like that guy.”   This may MOTIVATE you to either work harder or try to invest better so that you can make the money to get those things. This outside pull is what is driving you. But Inspiration comes from the base word to INSPIRE, or "divine guidance", which is a feeling that wells up inside of you that makes you feel a particular way and cause you to perform a certain act. For example, when you see someone struggling day in and day out either with their family or working multiple jobs or fighting and scratching to make things happen in their lives and not giving up, we get inspired by their fortitude because we want to be able to show ourselves that we also would fight like that.  We empathize with the struggle and give them respect for the things they are doing. This is a pressure from within pushing us in a direction. So when I see people with great bodies and doing unbelievable feats of whatever, I’m not inspired. It might be great to see. It might be super incredible or super hot but not inspiring. When i see or hear people doing EXACTLY WHAT THEIR JOB IS, im not inspired or even motivated.  Its what they are SUPPOSED to be doing.  But i get inspired but the people fighting to make things happen, who are hustling to make things better for thier fmailies, who are still making it to the gym when it seems like they only have a sliver of time to fit it in, or the athletes in the Paralympics that havent lost an ounce of competitive fire even though they have lost therir legs.  This inspires me.  What inspires you? :)




Complete the Following:

Dead Lift (14 min)

.......8 x 5reps

*work to a heavy 5RM for the day






5 Rounds For Time (15 min limit)

.......10 reps Burpee Box Jump (30/24, NOT A JUMP OVER SO MUST OPEN HIPS!)

.......10 reps Push Press (135/95, wt to get 22-26UB)

.......25 reps Air Squats



MWOD:  lacrosse ball above knee cap and in upper pec and front shoulder, banded pvc pipe shoulder work