I am a fan of anyone and anything when someone is doing their thing.  I might not be into the sport or the art myself, but I do love to watch someone that is totally enthralled n what they do.  And the more they into it, the more I love to watch them.  I was watching the USA Paralympic Sled Hockey Team playing against Korea in the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.  I was super impressed how these guys could move on their sled, how physical they were, how that competitive spirit was still alive and pumping violently through these guys, and how much they into the game and their sport.  It made me want to play sled hockey!!  Would you call that motivational or inspirational?  Ill talk about the difference tomorrow.  But now I need to pack for Phoenix to commentate the 18.4 Open on Thursday!  But in the meantime.....GO USA!!!!:)




Complete the Following:


2 Rounds: (12 min)

.......5 reps @60%1RM

.......3 reps @70%1RM

.......3 reps @80%1RM

.......2 reps @90%1RM






For Time: (15 min limit)

.......60 reps KB Swing (70/53#, wt to get 20+UB)

.......45 reps HSPU

.......30 reps Cleans (185/125, 60%1RM, wt to get 7-11UB)



MWOD:   lacrosse ball to the erectors, kb external rotation for shoulders