The OPEN is a great time for all levels of members at the gym.  And with all the different levels, there will be different paths that each person is on.  You may be on your way to Regionals, or to MAYBE make the Regioanl Team, you may be in your 5th year of the OPEN and want to see how you are compared to last year and the year before, you maybe signed up and trying to get your first pull-up or Toes to Bar, you may be signed up and are doing Scaled division all the way through, you may NOT be signed up at all but still do the OPEN workout as a the daily workout on the Saturday, and you may not even be aware what the OPEN is or that its even happening.  Heres the thing.......NO ONE IS MORE IMPORTANT OR LESS IMPORTANT TO THIS GYM OR TO THE INFERNO FAMILY THAN ANYONE ELSE.  I am very proud of all the growth and improvement I have seen in the group that trains for hours in the back room.  There is a ton of dedication back there.  There is a ton of time that people have put in to try to be the best competitive crossfitter they can be in a years time.  But they are no more important than others in the gym.  Those that aren't all fired up about the OPEN but who are here just to get your workout on, break a sweat, and increase their work capacity, I love to see how they push on a daily basis.  It may not be pushing massive weights, or maybe it is, but the impressiveness is that they are here even with all the other things they have going on in their life.  They still come in here and grind what they have no matter whats happening.  But they aren't more important than others.  And I love those that are in the OPEN and giving it all they have with the mindset of just wanting to be better than last year or to see where they can push to test themselves.  First Muscle ups, first pull-ups, first RX events, etc!  Super exciting to watch them make these leaps and bounds way above where ever they thought they would be.  But they aren't the most important part either.  I'll tell you the MOST important thing about the OPEN: it's this WHOLE group.  The one that has 250+ people in it.  The one that INCLUDES all of the group I listed above: THE CROSSFIT INFERNO FAMILY!  You may be stoked about the job you are doing on your workouts, or you may be disappointed about how you are performing, or you may be emotionally drained worrying about where you are on on the leaderboard (any of them), or you may be emotionally drained from thinking about fast burpees or a shit ton of double-unders or muscle ups, or you may be worried that Saturdays are different because now someone is counting your reps.  In any instance, If you aren't rooting for, or cheering on ALL the others then you are missing the point.  If you aren't respecting ALL the others individual trips and paths then you are missing the point.  If you aren't able to look past your own score and be happy for someone else and what they got, then you are missing the point.  I'm in NO WAY saying that performing well and killing the workout isn't important or important to you, I'm in NO WAY saying that some are more important than others.....I'm saying you are part of a big family....the INFERNO FAMILY.    :)




Complete the Following:

4 Rounds: (30 min cap)

.......40 cal Row

.......30 reps Pull-ups

.......20 reps HSPU

.......10 reps Dead Lift (315/215, 70%1RM)



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits