I think people have always done things to get the approval from others.  I will totally agree that it feels great to have someone tell you that you are doing a great job, or that this thing or that thing you are doing is awesome.  But I feel that somewhere we lost the ability to have some of that self-respect or self-pride towards ourselves about a job we did.  The problem with having to wait for someone else to "validate" or congratulate us on our job is that we fall into the trap of not being able to recognize a good thing that we do on our own.  I feel that having this ability is VERY important.  We need to be proud of ourselves when we think we did something good.  We need to be able to smile at a job well done when no one is looking.  We need to be able to pat ourselves on the back about something we did whether or not anyone one else does it for us.  Mostly because we will be standing next to ourselves for the rest of our lives.  People may come in and out of our lives but it will ALWAYS be YOU right there.  So you have to be your best cheering section and coach.  But also it sets a confidence foundation up for you.  Just think if you grew up giving yourself your own acknowledgement, then you would never care about what others thought.  They wouldn't affect you and you wouldn't be bound by "them" or their opinions.  You would be in control of yourself and your own direction.  Be proud of a job well done.  This doesn't mean a win or loss.  It means you are proud of the job you did for that fact of what you did.  The more you csn be stoked on YOU, the lessyou will NEED anyone else to make you feel like a success..  :)




Complete the following: 



Thruster 10 min EMOM:

.......Min 1)  3 reps @60%1RM

.......Min 2) 3 reps @70%1RM

.......Min 3) 3 reps @ 80%1RM

.......Min 4-10) 3 reps @ 85%1RM







14 min Clock

8 min AMRAP:

.......16 reps Push Press (115/75, 45%1RM, wt to get 22-25UB)

.......16 reps Lat PVC Pipe Jump (24/20")

.......16 reps Toes to Bar

2 min REST

4 min AMRAP:

........Max reps S2O (185/125, 60%1RM, wt to get 18-22UB fresh)



MWOD:   banded PVC pipe shoulders, kb external shoulder rotation, foam roll mid back, hit the calves