The hardest thing in life is to let go.  There are those lame phrases like "if you love someone set them free...." but the emphasis on these things is that you don't have control of some things in life.  And that IS life.  You don't get to control when people pass away.  You don't get control how people react.  You don't get to control the things people say.  You don't get to control ANYTHING on their end.  You can ONLY control your stuff.  The tough part is that it feels like it is  VERY important to hold on to these "other" things, or fight for them or be pissed off and bothered about them.  But even though this is an actual action that is taking place, its the same thing as beating your head against the wall.  Literally.  Yes, it is activity and energy expended but you get NOTHING out of it.  It won't solve the problem.  It won't change things.  It won't make you look more important.  It won't make people feel worse for you.  It will just be you bloodying your head against the wall.  You have to let it go.  Take a deep breath.  Or count to 10.  Whatever you need to do.  But if it isn't something that you are able to actually do/affect/change, etc then shrug your shoulders and move on.  Save the energy for when you can use it to make something awesome happen.  Now if for some reason you decide to use your energy to get all bent out of shape because of this thing or that, then you have to understand that you are willingly wasting your energy for something that you can do NOTHING about.  If you understand that and that you will gain nothing out of it...then by all what you gotta do.  But it really doesnt sound worth it to me.  :)




Complete the following: 



5 Rounds:

.......21 reps Wall Balls (30/20#)

.......14 reps Clean and Jerk (185/125, 60%1RM)

.......7 reps Burpee Muscle UPs (Sub: 1 burpee+3 pull-ups)



MWOD:    tend to those sore and tired bits