There is something scientist call "Activation Energy" which is the amount of ENERGY it takes to change what you do "regularly" to do something else.  If you want to know exactly what that amount of energy is, try this.  Set your alarm for one hour earlier than you usually get up.  Then when the alarm goes off, immediately toss the sheets off of you and get up and start your day.  Don't hit the snooze or lay in bed pausing for a moment trying to gather yourself together. Just get up.  That amount of energy that it took is the EXACT same amount of energy it takes to start a diet, to start a workout program, to start a new career, to start a new idea, to start (fill in the blank).  The weird thing is that its a really SIMPLE thing to do make a change in your life.  BUT, at the same time, it can be a VERY "not-easy" thing to do.  We are creatures of habit.  As most species on this Earth, we like the state of homeostasis or equilibrium.  Equilibrium means you are getting the stuff you need with the most minimum amount of work expended.  Even though, in the short term, this allows us to feel pretty happy with our world.  We feel relaxed and rested.  But the longer this goes like this, the slower we are to react when we need to.  I'm not even talking about a life-threatening event right now.  I'm talking about the regular ol' life events.  Are you bored with your world yet?  Your job?  You routine?  Your sex life?  Your relationships, Your body?  Well if so, then you need to come out of homeostasis and expend the "activation energy" needed to make a change in your life.  There are so many tools available t you right now to make the change BUT, you have to make the change!  So take today and figure out what you want, then take the steps to change it.  It can be done, you just have to suck it up and do it.  Don't hit the snooze button on your fantastic life waiting for you!!:)




Complete the following: 




20 min AMRAP:

.......8 reps Toes to Bar (Knee Raises: Scaled, Sit-ups: Scaled Masters 55+)

.......10 reps Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk 5/5 (RX: 50/35, Scaled, 55+, 14-17: 35/20, Scaled teen and master 20/10)

.......14/12 cal Row



MWOD:    use bar to mash out forearms, banded hip extension, foam roll lats