The Open starts this week  Many are excited.  Many are scared.  Many are signed up and many others aren't.  There is always a discussion about WHY to do it.  For those that are trying to make it to Regionals or the Games, they have to because it's the first qualifying step.  For others that have done it before, it's a chance for them to see if they have improved over the course of a year.  They might get to retest a workout from before and get a pretty close "apples to apples" comparison.  But even if there aren't repeats to compare, there WILL be movements this year that you couldn't do last year.  Maybe it was the weight.  Maybe it was the strength.  Maybe it was the skill.  And maybe, this year you actually get one, or ten.  We see massive increases each and every year like this.  I would say its way more common than uncommon for folks to have these kinds of improvements.  I have been asked why I do it.  Sure I want to be able to qualify for the Games.  That has ALWAYS been the test (for me it was and still is the Open division rather than the Masters) but it's not the ONLY thing.  My daughters don't do CrossFit.  They are in their own worlds right now.  One as a high school teenager and the other as a 2.5-year-old center of the universe.  My oldest has heard about the Open or the CrossFit competitions for 10 years now.  She has heard about my placements every year and even gone to see me compete at the Games.  My youngest knows that I "workout" and I go to work at the gym.  It's "normal" landscape.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  But I hope that when they get older they will be able to look back and think about how Dad was able to train, push, compete, drive, sweat, breath hard, and give my all AND STILL be able to be there for them, play with them, do for them, etc.  This is something that's important to me.  I want them both to know that you can do some pretty amazing and tough things and still be able to carry on a regular life.  I want them to see that pushing myself is something that I enjoy and that it carries over into so many things.  I want them to see that you can always find a way to make something work if you have the right mindset for it.  Sure I can blow off the Open and say I'm too busy or I haven't trained the way I would have liked to, but (on top of being stupid waste of time excuses), I'd rather them look back when they need to and think "Wow he did this for this many years",  "Wow he really loved ding that stuff", "He leads by example",  "He was able to do it with everything else", or "If he can then I can too" or anything like this.  Sure my kids are my "WHY" but its not "just because".  It's specific and meaningful to me, and hopefully to them, eventually lol!:)




Complete the following: 



Oly Complex (12 min clock)

8 Rounds each on :90

.......1 complex per round.  Increase each round and see what highest successful complex is!

*1 rep = 1 clean (pwr or sqt) + 2 frt sqts (sqt cln doesn't count as sqt) + 3 S2O






10 min AMRAP:

3 Rounds: (total reps: 36)

.......8 reps DB Snatch (50/35, wt to get 30-35UB)

.......4 reps Lat Burp over DB

3 Rounds: (total reps: 54)

.......12 reps DB Snatch

.......6 reps Lat Burp over DB

Max Rounds: (1 round: 24 reps)

.......16 reps DB Snatch

.......8 reps Lat Burp over DB

*Score is total number of reps