There really is a bunch of bitching and complaints out there in the world right now.  Nothing is the way it should be.  Evn if you are like me and dont like to get into "IT", its still very exhausting and very emtionally draining.  But you need to do everything you can to not let it seep into your head.  You have to block it out.  This doesnt mean ignore it really but just not let everyones crap around you bring you down to a crappy level.  You cant control that so let it go.  But if yo need to, get yourself to a quiet area and take 10 minutes and just close  your euyes and breath deep and slow.  Bring yor heart rate down.  Bring your mental stress and tension down.  And if yo arent able to clear you mind, then fill it with all the things yo are grateful and happy for.  Even when the world gets shitty, there are still countless things to be thanksful for.  LEt that fill your head and your heart.  Have a great Sunday!!:)




Complete the following: 



With a 32 min clock:

12 min AMRAP:

.......12 reps DB Sqt Clusters (50/35)

.......4 reps Bar MUs (2 rope climbs, 4 lay downs)

.......48 reps Double Unders (2:1 Singles)

5 min REST

5 min OHS (from ground)

.......find 3RM for day

5 min REST

5 min AMRAP:

.......5 reps Ring Muscle Ups (2:1 C2B)

.......10 reps Cleans (155/105, 50%1RM)



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits