We are social beings and in our lives, we have come across many who we have become very close.  The maybe lovers, family members, or friends.  When we find these people, we feel secure, safe and loved.  Today is a day to recognize the people we love.  It's not about flowers and candy but about the recognition of what they mean to you.  Don't be shy.  Tell them how important they are to you.  Happy Valentine's Day to all of the INFERNITES!!!  We really do love you all!  Sure it may be cliche to do a partner workout on Valentines Day, but the object here is to have some fun, maybe meet someone new, or just enjoy some company during a workout rather than just before or after.  Don't be all goofy about it, just grab someone and go for it! Oh, and there won't be any singles people.  If there isn't an even number, then you will triple up and bump the reps up by 30% but also increase the burpees per minute by 3.  So the new numbers would be 133, 104, 80, 54, and 26 reps and 8 burpees per minutes alternating through all 3 members.  HAVE FUN AND HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! :)




Complete the following: 



As a 2 Person Team: (30 min cap)

.......100 reps Deadlift

.......80 reps Hang Power Clean

.......60 reps Front Squats

.......40 reps Jerks

.......20 reps Thrusters

*For all movements keep the same weight: (185#/125#, wt you can do 5-7 thrusters UB)

**One person works at a time and can switch whenever

***EMOM 5 burpees alternate between athlete: min 1= athlete 1 does 5 burps, min 2=athlete 2 does 5 burpees, and so on



MWOD:   good morings, roll out legs and lacrosse ball to the traps!