I'm not a fan of the idea of "at least I'm doing something" when it comes to fitness.  I see that as a cop-out.  A way to "check the box" in the hopes of thinking that it will count for something.  What is your definition of fitness?  Do you have one?  If you don't then when you are trying to be "fit" you are really just floating around.  Like if you were saying you are going somewhere but not really going anywhere.  With CrossFit, we have a definition:  increased work capacity across broad times and modal domain.  Sounds kinda of scientific but all it really means is that you want to be able to be decent at everything.  And boil it down even more and its about being functional.  Functionality is having a decent level of aptitude of the 10 physical characteristics of fitness and being able to use them.  Of course, this is going to be relative based on your issues but there will always be a way to increase your functionality.  But it drives me nuts when people say that there are different versions of fitness or that they do this (whatever THIS is) and it keeps them fit.  I had a lady tell me that she does kickboxing and that keeps her fit.  She happened to come by the gym to work out and with some basic movements of Wall Balls, Burpees and Box Jumps, she wasn't able to do anything.  She struggled with going to the ground and then getting back up again.  She didn't have any ability to have any dynamic explosiveness for a jump of any height and was unable to squat to the proper depth in the wall balls.  She probably could tap the heavy bag quickly for reps, but i could guarantee that she didn't have any power behind it.  She said they would do footwork and kicks for agility.  But again, i didn't see much agility at all.  I'm not bringing this up to call her out or say that something is wrong with her.  But what I'm saying is that many have been convinced that they can't do this or that, or shouldn't do this or that.  So because of this, they will "do something" that isn't too hard, isn't too aggressive, isn't too whatever and then say they are fit....... or checking the box.  You have to ask yourself at some point if it is making you more functional.  Is it helping your life to be better?  And i don't mean just generally.  Look at your definition of fitness and see if your workout actually drives to that definition/goal.  I hope that it does.  Don't let yourself fall into the trap of "at least its something".  You are 100% in control of your fitness and if you control that then you are well on your way to making your overall life and functionality better! :)




Complete the following: 



Back Squats (12 min limit)

2 Rounds:

.......7 reps @ 60%1RM

.......5 reps @ 70%1RM

.......3 reps @ 80%1RM

.......1 rep @ 90%1RM






16 min Clock:

3 Rounds:

....4 min AMRAP:

...........:30 max reps Cleans (135/95, 50%1RM Pwr Cln, wt to get 15-19UB)

...........:30 max reps Toes to Bar

....2 min REST

*score total reps each round



MWOD:   use BB to to mash our quads, traps and forearms