The mind is an amazing thing.  It can come up with some of the most inventive inventions EVER.  It can figure out some of the worlds toughest problems.  It can create some of the most brilliant ideas EVER!!  But with somethings being so amazing, there is always an opposite side to it.  With all the amazing things it can do, it can also do some of the most destructive things at the same time.  That voice in your head can literally stop you in your tracks.  You can go from feeling 100% confident in whatever, to absolutely worthless and unable to do anything.  Completely crippled by your own thoughts.  Every single one of us has to do battle with our darker side daily.  But how do we shut that voice up?  How can we block it out?  Let's say you have an event coming up.  Maybe you signed up for the OPEN already and they just announce the first workout.  You are going to do it on Saturday which is two days away.  This gives you a day and a half to THINK about it.  What/how you are going to do.  What/how will others do.  What if you do this wrong.  What if this or that happens to you.  What if these people think this or that.  Etc. Etc!  The first line of defense to this would be to mentally box your thoughts in.  Or if you are going to plan out what you want to do, to box your brain in so that you are only thinking about what your plan of attack would be.  The second you start to think about the "what if's" or anything that is out of your control, you need to physically STOP your brain.  You need to be able to quickly preoccupy your brain with something else so that you don't get caught falling down the rabbit hole.  The second line of defense would be to out talk that inner voice by using your own short but positive mantra.  Something like "you're ok!" or "just keep moving!"  And finally, you can completely not think about it at all.  Don't come up with strategies or think about anything with the event.  Not even what warm up you should do.  Get yourself to the line and start the clock as soon as you can.  Then by the time you are starting to think about what is happening, you are already in it.  And by the time its really bad, you are basically done.  just close your eyes and drive through the finish.  But you MUST reign that inner voice in quickly so you don't get caught.  Once you get falling down the rabbit hole, it's very tough to pull yourself back to a positive line.  Beat it to the punch!  So, how do you stop YOUR voices?!:)




Complete the following: 



20 min Clock:

5 Rounds (each rd on 4 mins)

.......21/18 cal Row

.......15 reps Thrusters (135/95, 55%1RM, 15-20UB)

.......9/7 reps Ring Muscle Ups (1:1 Muscle-Up scales, 2:1 Chest 2 Bar and Pullups)

*Shoot for 3 minutes of work and 1 min of rest



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits!