This year I urge you to try something: OWN your life.  OWN each and every little piece of it.  Own your wins, own your loses, own your strengths and own your weaknesses.  Every day you are in the gym, you are presented with a challenge:  the workout.  After each workout, you are asked out loud what you scored on it.  For many, they see this as competition between themselves and others.  Sure that element is definitely there.  However, that isn't what's important to me as the coach.  What I see as the most important factor of that "after workout" tradition, is the ownership of the work you did.  You are given a badass workout and you go out and give it whatever you have.  Then we ask you what you got and you say out loud, so the whole group hears, exactly what you did.  Its takes self-pride and ownership to be able to announce what you got.  Maybe you got the best score or maybe you didn't.  Maybe you are stoked on your score and maybe you are are not.  But you need to OWN that.  What makes you a strong individual is that you are able to OWN all of those things listed above.  The fact is that you know EXACTLY why you got what you got or why it ended up the way it did.  You know if you trained hard.  You know if you miss-counted.  You know if you gave more than you ever have and you know if you weenied out.  The more you are able to truly own these situations, the closer you will be to figuring out the real reasons why you win or lose and how to truly become better.  Because to OWN them means that you aren't giving any excuses.  Excuses are just justifications of why you weren't able to do whatever you were trying to do and excuses are like assholes......everyone has one.  So, OWN your year this year and EVERYTHING that is in it and be great! :)




Complete the following: 



26 min E2MO2M (2 min rounds):

.......10 reps Hang Power Cleans (185/125, 75%1RM )

......20 reps Wall Balls (30/20#@10')

*at least :30sec REST each round



MWOD:   lacrosse ball above kneecap, foam roll low back and IT Bands