So the Open is right around the corner.  The 18.0 thing came out with some new standards and EVERYWHERE there are strategy videos coming out of the woodwork.  They will say things about how fast to go, how wide to put your feet, when to drop the dumbbell, where to drop the dumbbell, how high to stand up or not stand up, where you should go fast and where you should conserve your energy.  And I'll say that EACH AND EVERYONE OF THESE tips have some validity.  But they not for everyone.  Not even close.  Let's take me and my brother James.  Yes, we are blood but when it comes to these workouts we are almost 100% opposite of each other.  My strength is my engine and capacity, and his strength is his strength and his power output.  Let's say the workout is Mod Heavy Snatch and Pull-ups, 4 Rounds of 7 snatches and 28 pull-ups  He will have the advantage in the snatch and I'll have the advantage in the pull-ups.  Some general strategies would be to do singles on the snatch and break up the pull-ups early.  For him, breaking the pull-ups somewhere between 7-10 reps (even though he could do more) so he has the grip to power through the snatch in multiples I think would be a solid call.  For me, it would be to maybe only break one time in the pull-ups because I'll need to do singles in the snatch.  The point I'm making is that you need to be smart about all the info out there.  Know your body and from there you can determine the best strategy for your strength and weaknesses.  Dont just follow the popular youtube strategy.  See whats out there and the apply or test the ones suited to you and then crush it!:)




Complete the following: 



For Time:

5-4-3-2-1 reps

.......Snatch (185/125, 70%1RM)

.......Ring Muscle Ups (5 BMU, 12 C2B Pull ups)

.......Box Jump Over (30/24")

5-4-3-2-1 reps

.......OHS (185/125, same as above)

.......HS Walk (50', 40', 30', 20', 10')

.......Pistols each leg (5 each, 4 each, etc)

5-4-3-2-1- reps

.......Hang Clean and Jerk (same as above)

.......Strict Deficit HSPU (6"/3")

.......Front Rack Lunges each leg (same wt as above, 5 each, 4 each, etc)



MWOD:    tend to those sore and tired bits