I love the movie the Goonies.  First, its one of the best 80's movies out there but secondly, and more importantly, I think it really grabs the view of "youth" in the movie.  The greatest aspect of kids is that they don't understand all the rules of the world yet so they can think outside the box.  They aren't confined by "this will work" and "this won't work".  They can freely come up with ideas or thoughts without any restrictions or barriers.  I hate that we lose this as we get older.  So many of us get trapped in the world by everything around us: what we think we want to do, what we think others want us to do, what others will think, what our expectations are, how these things all fit in our life, will it make it better or not, etc.  Children don't care about these like we do.  Sure no one wants to be made fun of or to feel stupid, but since they are bound so strongly by these made-up rules, they are able to let their brain flow much more freely.  This isn't reserved to only coming up with ideas but choosing certain dreams as well.  Kids don't worry if something seems impossible or not.  They are just fired up to be driving towards that goal.  I have said many times that you need to love the journey.  This applies here but it's not what I'm talking about.  As we get older we start to get a feel for what we can and cant do.  If the goal happens to fall into the "cant do" realm, then we won't really go for it.  It's not supposed to happen.  So we don't let it happen.  We really have to try to get that skill, that power, that ability to not let our brains get boxed in, back like the way we had it when we were kids.  Sure, there might be some pretty crazy ideas that come out of it but there will also be some pretty spectacular ones too.  Wouldn't you like the chance to have the spectacular one?  I know I would!  Bring on the kid brain!!!  And now, back to watching the Goonies!!!  HEY YOU GUUUUUUUUYYYYYSSSS!!!:)




Complete the following: 



For Time: (25 min limit)

10 Rounds:

.......10 reps Power Snatches (95/65, wt to get 20-25UB)

.......10 reps Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20")

5 min REST

21-15-9 reps:

.......Alt DB Snatch (50/35#, wt to get 30-35B)

.......Lat DB Burpees

*In both pieces, the new standard will be used.  No stepping down or up for RX.  Must jump off 2 feet and land with 2 feet.  Can switch hands on DB anywhere from in front of face to the floor but not overhead.

**Score is 2 times: the time for the first piece, then the time for the second piece.  NOT THE OVERALL TIME!!



MWOD:   open hips up with band distraction, downward dog, kb external rotation for shoulders, foam roll low back