I see this happen ALL the time....someone will not be hitting PR's on a regular basis or they are having a rough period of time and they are at a total loss for whats happening.  We all go through that amazing period of NON-STOP PR's and we think this is the norm.  Its. Not. At. All.  After we get past the time where we will have 30# Pr's on a weekly basis, then we are actually moving pretty well.  OUr technique is pretty solid.  Our strength is built.  Our capacity is so much better.  Now its all about the fine tweaks.  But even with this, sometimes they just dont come around.  There are SO many things that can be the cause of this.  When we are up at our upper limits in any of our numbers: strength, motor, or skills, it's not a straight day-to-day comparison.  Even though in CrossFit, its normal for us to do a workout, get a score and then do the same workout again to see if we have gotten "fitter or not".  This seems to make sense that if we improve from the first workout to the repeat, then we are more fit, or stronger, or faster.  However, this is only based on one variable: the result of the workout.  The basic theory is there but I think this shows better when there is a good amount of time between them.  If you are doing lifts in your regular training and can't seem to ever hit a big lift, it doesn't necessarily mean you aren't getting stronger.  There can ALL KINDS of other variables that you are dealing with that are taking that tiny little extra 3% out of you.  And if you don't have that 3%, then you won't be getting the PR.  And depending on what is causing the lack of the 3% may be something that plays with your mind more than your body. Whats important to remember is that training, whether its for general fitness or for competitive fitness, is a process.  Its not a day to day comparison.  We are looking for improvement but we want you to stand back so the daily dots on the "graph" blend and you see the general form of a line.  We want that line to go in a climbing-upward direction.  The steeper the line, the more drastic the improvement.  But as long as there is an incline, then you are going in the right direction.  Dont get frustrated.  Trust the process and love the process!:)




Complete the following: 



Technique Thursday (LONG Drill wod)

30 min EMOM:

.......MIn 1) :40 Skin the Cat

.......Min 2) :40 sec L-sit

.......Min 3) :40 sec Hand Stand Walk

.......Min 4) :40 sec Sprint (100m Run)

.......Min 5) :40 sec Weighted Front Rack Hold (120%1RM Front Squat)



MWOD:   hit all 4 shoulder angle with the band, foam roll the thoracic spine