Are you entitled?  To what you ask?  Well......anything!  the answer is NO!  You aren't entitled.  You don't deserve this or that.  This isn't a mean comment.  It just means that you need to work for what you get.  I heard about an NFL football star, James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers, taking away trophies his kids got for participation for being at a football camp.  He said that he didn't want his kids to think that just because you did your best and showed up at something that you DESERVE, or are OWED an award.  The object was to get the award when they win the award BUT to be proud of doing their best and if that's not enough, then to realize that there are things to work on and then to go work on them. I think this is awesome!!  I HATE the participation award.  The built in award for participation is the fact that you actually participated!  For those that think you are entitled.........the ONLY thing you are entitled to is to do your best.  Man, where did the pride in a job well-done go???  But to those laborers that are working this Labor Day,  thank you for the hard work you are doing.  We do appreciate it and the job you are doing!!!  :)




Complete the following:



Hotshot 19 Plus

6 Rounds: (45 min clock)

.......30 reps Goblet Squat (53/35, pick an annoying weight.  But to heavy but you know its there)

.......19 reps Power Cleans (155/105, 60%1RM PC, wt to get 15-20UB)

.......7 reps Weighted Strict Pull-ups

.......400m Run



MWOD:   foam roll lats and legs out