I was listening to a great broadcast with Ben Bergeron of CrossFit New England. He was talking about excellence and how to determine the things you want out of life.  I really liked the way he presented it.  We all have dreams that we want to achieve.  They might be athletic dreams, career dreams, weight loss dreams, whatever.  We all like the idea of thinking about it.  In fact, we actually get a Dopamine and Endorphine rush simply by thinking about it and all the amazing ways a goodness our life would have IF we were able to have this or that thing.  Basically, our body "credits" us as if we accomplished it just by thinking about it.  The problem is that there is"downer" or depression state that follows this rush.  This is where we feel "less" because we have done anything.  It's a matter of moving past the thinking about it stage and actually get to the doing.  This means you need to define, in detail, what it is you want to be able to accomplish.  Once you have this then you can map out EXACTLY what you will need to do to be able to achieve it.  Heres where you actually make the jump wish to goal.  If you look at your path and don't think you can do the steps needed, either because you don't have the time, you don't have the money, you don't do well if you have to get up early, you have a ton of school, you don't have this resource or that resource, or just don't want to do this or that.........then what you have is ONLY a wish.  If you really wanted to achieve the dream or the goal, you wouldn't let ANYTHING get in your way. You would have no issue with the suffering that comes with being committed to the dream.  You would have no issue with missing out on things because nothing will get in your way of your dream.  And then here is the upside, even if you don't achieve the dream, you know that you have given 100% of yourself to it and you feel good about yourself and when you look in the mirror.  You still get many of the intrinsic benefits because you can be truly proud of yourself.  So it's a WIN-WIN situation.  BUT it takes you giving 100% to do it.  Do you have that in you?  Do you REALLY want it, or just WISH about having it?  The choice is yours! :)




Complete the following:



Dead Lift (275/185, 60%1RM, wt to get 23-27UB)

.......10 reps

.......1 min REST

.......15 reps

.......2 min REST

.......20 reps

.......3 min REST

.......25 reps

*goal is to shoot for UNBROKEN TOUCH N GO






6 Rounds For Time: (15 min limit)

.......6 reps Lunge Squat Complex (135/95, 30-35%1RM Back Sqt, wt to squat 35-40UB)

*1 rep = lunge lt, back sqt, lunge rt, back sqt

.......12 reps Toes to Bar

.......18 reps KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20+ UB)



MWOD:   foam roll and lacrosse ball your back, lacrosse ball in your butt cheeks