It sounds extremely cheesy to talk about "think positive thoughts and good things happen."  I don't believe that things just happen.  I feel that we facilitate what happens to us by the way we act, by the way we choose to live and by how we look at things.  As cheesy as I think it might sound, I do believe that "positive begets positive."  When you are being positive, it's not just "wow today is a great day" when you lost your job or something bad happens to you.  You are still allowed to feel bad or be bummed about bad stuff that happens to you......for a moment.  Give yourself that small grieving time to get through it, but once you had your time, then it's about looking at the situation a particular as to see what are the positives from it.  If you lost your job, or you are having some financial struggle, then yes it sucks....really bad....BUT it also is an opportunity to find a new job or to give you that little extra fire you need to get creative and make some money.  Maybe its a broken relationship, well maybe the pain now will save you from some worse pain later.  But even when these bad things happen, the positive mindset will help you to move in the direction of what you are looking for because you become very proactive about your thoughts and your choices.  Don't let yourself think about all the bad things you now have to deal with.  Think about all the new opportunities you have to make things better.  Think about how, out of nessesity, you will become more efficieint and more effective in what you are doing.  Dont get lost in all the negative thinking.  Turn all of those things into positive feels, positive acts, positive comments, positive goodness......then yes all of those cheesy good positive things WILL happen!! :)




Complete the following:



32 min EMOM:

.......Min 1) 3 reps Hang Squat Clean (225/155, 75%1RM, wt to get 2-6UB)

.......Min 2) 6 reps Bar Muscle Ups

.......Min 3) 12 reps Ring Dips

.......Min 4) 100m Run

*min :15 sec rest on each station



MWOD:   hit wrist mobility and mash triceps out