It's happened to all of us.  We get going crazy into our CrossFit "career" than for whatever reason, something stops us.  Schedules, school, jobs, vacations, injuries, etc.  It might be 3 days off, 2 weeks off, or maybe it's 3 months or over a year off.  Then somehow we get ourselves back in.  We read the workout on the board and remember EXACTLY how we would have attacked it back when we were regular on our training.  We get into the workout, all excited to be back.  And after the first few reps, our breathing is through the roof, our muscles are cramping, and the weights we thought we could get up easily.....just don't want to play.  What the HELL!!!  It doesn't take long to lose what you've built up and you need to get your self a little "athlete amnesia" when you make your way back in.  I have had many breaks in my training time.  Way more than I wish was the case.  What I try to remember to do is to give myself two weeks of just moving.  I'm not worried about the weights.  I'm not going to lift as heavy on the strength portions and depending on the workout, I'm just going to try to keep my movements as straight as possible.  The idea is that I want to get the correct muscle movements set early, then as my joints and muscles are awakened, I can start to bring the weights and the intensity up.  We need to remember that just because we have done CrossFit before, doesn't mean that we are always ready to go and hit it full speed.  You NEED to be smart.  Give yourself some time.  The last thing you want to have happen is that you come back and get yourself hurt because you arent ready to hit it at that level yet.  Just give it some time. It will all come back to you!! :)




Complete the following:



28 min EMOM:

.......Min 1)  4 reps Cleans (245/145, 70%1RM, wt to get 3-7UB)

.......Min 2) 16 reps Toes To Bar

.......Min 3) 12 reps Dead Lift (245/145, 50% 1RM, wt to get 22-26UB)

.......Min 4) 20 reps Hollow Body Rocks



MWOD:  roll out the forearms and lacrosse ball the low back and hip flexors