I honestly don't think people take their fitness very seriously.  In the general population, many feel that if they "just do something" that it's enough.  I don't agree.  I have heard firefighters and public safety personnel say that they just want to exercise so they don't get a heart attack.  I think they are on the wrong path.  I have heard some say that they need low impact activities to become in shape.  And others will say that they need to run to get into shape.  Do you see anything in common with these comments?  All of them are completely vague.  There is NO goal, path, plan or idea in any of them.  Basically, all of these people would be those that are wandering around aimlessly in the gym.  They appear to give themselves a goal, but to "get in shape" means nothing.  To "just do something" means nothing.  Even if you decide you are going to run to improve your fitness, is there a plan for that?  Or is it the "ill run for 30 minutes every other day."  Again, it just sets you up for an aimless activity time.  You should try to be very specific about your fitness or at least have a path.  Either you or a trainer should work with you to see where you really need improvement.  I'm not saying you have to have a weightloss number.  I'm not saying you need to be able to do "X" number of pull-ups.  But at least understand what being truly "fit" means and using this as your goal can almost help every other factor out there.  This should be one of THE most important parts of your life.  IT is the single thing that will help you to do so many things in your life.  When you are fit, you can do more things.  When you are fit, you have more confidence.  When you are fit, your medical issues can start to fade.  When you are fit, you usually happier.  When you are fit, you can do your job better.  When you are fit, you aren't afraid to try things.  When you are fit, you really get to live and thrive!  Isn't this worth being the most important thing you do?  It's not about looking better.  it's about being better.  You NEED to take it seriously!  It's waiting for you!! :)




Complete the following:



4 Rounds for Time (28 min clock)

.......400m Run

.......30 reps KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20+ UB)

.......20 reps Burpee Pull-ups

.......10 reps Alt Weighted Pistol (70/53, same weight as KB Swing)



MWOD:   use the lacrosse ball in the glutes, above the knee cap, and the low back