It's so easy to get caught in what everyone else is doing.  Social media seems to run the show about everyone's world.  But why do you care what others are doing?  Are you trying to compare yourself to them for some reason?  Why are you worried about what they have going on?  Sure they may do some things better than you. But you definitely do other things better than them.  Instead of worrying about what they do, concenrtate on what you are trying to accomplish.  You know where you are weak.  So work to fix it.  You know what things you want to try.  So try them out and see what happens.  You know what you dont want to be.  So do everything you can to stay true to YOU and what you want to be.  Then its just a matter of getting to business.  So get to it!!:)




Complete the following:



For Time:

10 Rounds:

.......20 cal Row (or 15 burpees)

.......1 rep Bear Complex (185/125, 75%1RM Thruster, wt to get 6-10 thrusters UB)

.......5 reps Bar MUs

*Bear Complex: Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press



MWOD:  tend to those sore and tired bits