CrossFit really doesn't get going until round 2.  I have said this a bunch of times both in the gym and on the air when I'm commentating.  Everyone seems to have this fascination with being in the lead after round 1 like it automatically means you will be crushing everyone the rest of the workout.  Usually not the case.  In fact, the normal call is if you get out too far ahead of the pack, you probably messed up and will be paying for round 2.  This phenomenon doesn't just work in CrossFit.  I honestly see this happen a bunch in life.  Take a diet.  Everyone is all gun-ho for the first 1-2 weeks, then all of a sudden, people start falling off the wagon and vanishing.  What if it's training for an event, or it's wanting to study for a particular certification?  The same things will happen:  people will be all fired up for the first little while and then start to shut down because they either are not focused anymore, the don't truly have the drive, the push way to hard in the beginning and can't keep it up, or just aren't able to see things through.  BUT, even with all this, they will be sure to tell the WORLD about the journey they are embarking on!  I mean just don't say anything!  Just start and keep it controlled so as you are learning the ups and downs of it, you will still be improving.  A workout is the same thing.  Don't come out so hot like you are trying to show everyone that you are winning.  The race just started.  Keep your head in the game, figure out the pacings and where you can make up some time and where to be strategic about your rest.  Remember it's not about being in the lead early, it's about finishing the workout as efficient a possble!!!   :)




Complete the following:



Overhead Squats (14 min limit)

2 Rounds:

.......7 reps @ 65%1RM

.......5 reps @ 75%1RM

.......3 reps @ 85%1RM

.......3 reps @ 90%1RM






For Time: (16 min limit)

Buy In: 400m Run

4 Rounds:

.......16 reps Toes To Bar

.......8 reps Wall Walks

.......2 reps Rope Climbs (6:1 pull-ups)

Cash Out:  200m Run



MWOD:   mash out forearms, do the downward dog and banded external rotation for shoulders