We all know how bad stress is for us.  We all understand the big ones that come from "adulting"; mortgages, jobs, bills, kids, relationships, money. And I think it's pretty well understood that stress can just crush your entire world.  So then WHY do CHOOSE to add more to our lives in the form of assumptions, or caring about what other think or say, or things that are truly out of our hands??  As we get older our list of responsibilities can get extremely heavy and long.  It can be exhausting.  As far as the gym thing and your fitness go, this plays right into your recovery. Stress KILLS your recovery!  Now working out hard is definitely a stress.  Pushing your body super hard forces your body to react a respond a particular way to adapt (remember though that more isn't better, better is better).  Your body is reacting to the physical things happening to you.  But what about emotional and mental stress?  There isn't a 225# bar falling on top of you when you are worried about bills.  True.  But the weird thing is your body doesn't know the difference.  When you go into Fight or Flight mode, your body is wired to react.  So even though you are sitting there, the stress is doing the EXACT same thing to you as if there was a physical thing happening.  When your body is dealing with that stress then, on a cellular level, it's busy tending to those thoughts, reactions, and "possible" needs and NOT leaving enough for your body to take care of the REAL repairs that need to happen.  Think about it, when you aren't stressed, how fast does it take for you to feel better again?  Now compare that to when you are feeling stressed out!  EVERYTHING HURTS and it does for a LONG TIME!!!!  So it's up to you to control the things you can control.  You are 100% in control of how you handle the things that go on around you.  You get to decide how much power things are going to have over you simply by deciding to not let it affect you negatively.  You can take care of all the things you need to just as easy without getting all mad or upset about it.  So be like the monks you see in those karate movies and move around happily and relaxed until you need to really strike!  Then strike REALLY REALLY hard!!!!)




Complete the following:



Technique Thursday

.......Long EMOM to work on some skills!

30 min EMOM:

.......1)  :40 sec Skin the Cat (rings or bar)

.......2)  :40 sec L-sit

.......3)  :40 sec Hand Stand Walk or Hand Stand Hold

.......4)  :40 sec Sprints

.......5)  :40 sec Heavy Front Rack Hold (120%1RM Front Squat off rack)



MWOD:   KB for external rotation of shoulders and mash your abs out with med ball