REST is one of the most important things we have working for us in life.  The problem is that we have taught ourselves that rest is for the weak.  OR if we aren't pushing ourselves to the ultimate limit, then we will lose whatever gains we have gotten.  Let's talk about what REST really is.  Obviously, sleep is the most important rest.  But we have talked a bunch about that.  So make sure you get your hours in!  But let's talk REST days.  The reason CrossFit training works is because of the high intensity of the workouts that you do.  It's not that the workouts are hard.  It's about HOW HARD YOU DO the workouts.  Ok, I know you are working hard every day you are here.  But if you are here day after day, or on your rest days you are running or doing some other hard workout, then how can you recover enough to hit the next workout really HARD??  You won't be able to push as hard as if you gave yourself a little rest.  Now when you see elite level athletes doing the "active recovery" thing, they are training for volume in competition.  But this wouldn't be the way to lose weight or get better.  There is a hormone called cortisol that is a stress hormone.  Usually, it works in your favor when it comes to fight or flight responses.  But if you constantly crush your body EVERY DAY, then your body is stressed and the cortisol kicks in and it will start to really mess with your body and run ALL the improvements you are looking to get.  I'm pretty sure that would go against what you are trying to do.  Take a day and just relax.  Don't go run or swim or ride or some other "almost" workout.  Just rest.  See if you feel rejuvenated for the next workout and if you can push it harder.  I bet you can!:)




Complete the following:



For Time:

.......40 reps Back Squat (185/125, 70%1RM Snatch)

.......40 reps Pull-Ups

.......30 reps Power Cleans (same weight)

.......30 reps Chest to Bar

.......20 reps Front Squats (same weight)

.......20 reps Bar MUs (banded, jumping, or 5 Rope Climbs)

.......10 reps Squat Snatch (same weight)

.......10 reps Burpee Ring MUs (burp BMUs, burp C2B pullups)



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits