We all took the first step in really testing ourselves when we stepped in the door of the INFERNOs.  It was something that we haven't done before, or at least not like this.  We embraced the idea of doing new things and that this constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity thing seemed like it made sense.  But once we were doing this on a regular basis, then we found our routines.  We grabbed the same equipment. We set up in the same exact spot every day. We would warm up up the same way. We would wear the exact same pieces of protection. We normally would work out at the exact same time of the day.  We would prep the exact same way, etc.  Under competitive conditions, I think it's smart to do this.  The object would be to put your body and mind in the exact same mental state as a time when you were flowing.  Recreating this is supposed to allow you to recreate the same success.  However, when it comes to general fitness, or more career based fitness (fire, cops, military, construction, etc), you aren't always going to have perfect scenarios in which to perform.  When I was working the Fire Department, we would get calls in the middle of the night, sometimes freezing, and you had to be able to go full speed the second you got on scene.  There wasn't any warm up time or time to put on belts or lifting shoes or wrist wraps.  It was you just showed up and BOOM, right into the mix!  Could you imagine doing a workout without any warm up?  What if you were tossed outside to do the workout.  What if it wasn't your normal 72 degree shaded temperature?  Honestly, it's great to test yourself under these conditions.  Don't let yourself get in the rut.  Again, I'm not saying your routines aren't important.  You just want to make sure your routines AWAYS are helping you out.  Don't ever let them hinder you!  Now go do a workout firefighter style (no warm up, just go!)  See if you are ready for anything!! :)




Complete the following: 


Thrusters (10 min limit)

.......10 reps Thrusters (135/95, 55%1RM, wt to get 22-26UB)

.......1 min REST

.......15 reps Thrusters

.......2 min REST

.......20 reps Thrusters

.......3 min REST

.......25 reps Thrusters

*same wt on all sets






12 min AMRAP:

3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12, etc... reps

.......Toes to Bar

.......Power Snatch (95/65, 45%1RM, wt to get 25-29UB)



MWOD:  foam roll thoracic, and do see-saw over foam roller with arms in snatch position w bar., stretch out shoulders and upper thoracic w a partner